Brainwaive will be leading the Security Session at the AREA and DMDII (Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute) Workshop on the future of Augmented Reality (AR) in the industrial setting, to be held 7-8 February in Chicago. The event provides an opportunity for manufacturers and AR providers to openly discuss the unique challenges and applications of AR technology in an industrial setting and will feature a showcase of cutting-edge AR technology in addition to speakers, a panel discussion on change management led by AREA, and interactive sessions on AR safety led by Boeing and security led by Brainwave LLC.

Participants also will review and discuss the new “Augmented Reality Statements of Need” which can serve as blueprints for companies looking to make investments in this area. The current statements of needs have been adapted from the initial hardware and software functional requirements developed and presented at the 2017 AR Workshop by Lockheed Martin, Procter & Gamble, and Caterpillar, which was covered in Industry Week.

Tony Hodgson, Bob LaBelle and Frank Cohee will facilitate the session that will frame the AR security challenge in the enterprise and provide in-depth insight and perspective on the current state of AR security. Through an interactive dialogue with participants, this session will explore the challenges and identify ideas that can help enable businesses address and enhance their AR security and deal with complex and important data security issues in their project planning, speeding funding and deployments and improving the business impact of their programs.

For additional information or to register for this event, please complete this form.  Registration deadline is February 2, 2018.