About Us

Working at the intersection of cyber security and immersive technology in the enterprise

At Brainwaive we see the significant benefits that AR, VR and immersive technologies can bring to an enterprise. We also understand the security challenges and threat potentials that these technologies can introduce into the enterprise. We know that being misinformed and misguided when exploring or refining the use immersive technologies can have significant and serious consequences. That’s why we established a dedicated team of experts with extensive knowledge, technical skills and real-world experience—from across industry sectors—to help companies navigate the challenges and realize the opportunities and possibilities.
Our team of seasoned advisors and technologists have led hundreds of industry projects developing, commercializing, managing and protecting nearly a billion dollars’ worth of IT products and services.

We have strong hands-on experience in global technical standards and evaluation of industrial internet and connected device systems security, AR/VR environments and penetration techniques on consumer electronics. We offer best practices, frameworks and processes that will benefit your company, and we apply our professional network and strategic relationships at the highest levels of related markets, vendors and industry associations to speed your success.

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