Cyber Security Services

Brainwaive can supplement existing IT, Mobility and Security personnel on the project team from kick-off, through regular status meetings, and during proof-of-concept and pilot field trials. During the development portion of the program, Brainwaive consultants will work closely with IT specialists in hardware, software and networking, along with internal and external partners such as facilities management and vendors, to further develop key objectives, translating them into fundamental capabilities desired from the systems. User personas and use cases (activities) can be defined, guiding development of detailed system requirements. Brainwaive can assist with outlining system specifications and procurement of prototype equipment and software. We can support development, testing and validation with the enterprise personnel who will ultimately be required to use, manage and maintain the devices, connectivity and software applications.

The Brainwaive team has extensive real-world experience working on security across a range of domains and technologies, including:

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

UAS & Terrestrial Drones

Industrial Internet of Things (IoT)

Unconventional Connected Devices

Wearable Computing

The Brainwaive team will work alongside you to address such question as: What happens if an AR or VR target is compromised or the data the user is seeing is not real or accurate? What are the implications if a bad actor intentionally corrupts AR or VR interfaces or procedures? AR, VR and immersive technology devices, such as wearables, open up new, unique and significant threat potential to enterprise assets. They represent doorways through which bad actors can surveille, infiltrate and potentially commandeer and misdirect critical resources and functions. Security on enterprise projects is critical, and no pilot program should be scaled up to production without completing a methodical, comprehensive security design and review. At Brainwaive, we will assist your team with such a review.

AR devices, as well as other device used in immersive technology deployment, are tightly linked to the environment in which they operate, and they sense, process, store and possibly expose a large range of important information related to business facilities, personnel locations, resources and activities related to planning, operations/production, maintenance and more. To a much greater degree than conventional mobile devices, immersive technology wearables nearly constantly gather data while in use, in standby mode, and sometimes even when “shut down.” This data can include detailed contour maps of user surroundings and captured audio, video, locational and positional data. Some of this data can be accessed remotely without the user even being aware it is happening. Cyber security will therefore require a suite of tools and approaches to be effective. The Brainwaive team—with its deep expertise working with these technologies and systems—will help you with a “security by design” strategy that includes defining requirements early so that controls can be build into products and services and their installations to help you avoid ineffective and costly security retrofits.

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