Business & Technology Services

Addressing innovation and where a new technology can be most valuable and have significant impact to an enterprise is a collective and collaborative process. The Brainwaive team provides support at the earliest phases of program definition by helping to gain input from stakeholders. We can help with creating a program charter, establishing the project scope and requirement and providing assistance with identifying solution vendors and integration partners. Brainwaive can assist the project team with creating a common vision and to help identify and prioritize key objectives.

We can assist with proof of concept development plans, support business case development, develop project cost estimates, help define project participants’ roles and responsibilities, develop the communications structure and protocols and assist with monitoring and reporting out on the project.

In short, our business and technology services range from working alongside the enterprise team in initial exploratory phases through project execution and solution integration and deployment. We also can work with your enterprise team on commercialization of solutions, including assisting with business development and strategy, market research and segmentation, startup project incubation, product development and technology commercialization.

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