Experience & Projects

Helping companies thrive where technology and business opportunities converge—safely and securely

Brainwaive’s team of seasoned advisors and technologists have led hundreds of industry projects developing, commercializing, managing and protecting nearly a billion dollars’ worth of IT products and services.


Highlights of their work include:

The team deploys its expertise and talent to Brainwaive’s projects in emerging technology, immersive technology and security, specifically in the areas of:

  • Wearables: AR, VR and IoT
  • Telecom: Cloud and Data Center
  • Wireless: Mobile Computing
  • Infrastructure: Software and Professional Services

Our project work includes:

  • Principal Investigators for the Data Security for Enterprise Wearable Augmented Reality Solutions; Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA) 2017
  • Research and developers for the AREA’s Technical Report: Wearable Enterprise AR Security -Framework and Test Protocol
  • Consulting Lead of the Digital Worker Interest Group. EPRI 2017/2018.
  • Principal Investigators for Augmented Reality Use in Nuclear Power Plant Construction; EPRI 2017. (EPRI #10006436).
  • Principal Investigators for the Mobile Technology Guidebook; EPRI 2017.
  • Principal Investigators for the Mobile Technology Guidebook; EPRI 2016. (EPRI #3002008762)
  • Co-Authors of the Mobile Technology Guidebook; EPRI 2015. (EPRI #3002006660)
  • Co-Authors: Industrial Internet Connectivity Framework. Industrial Internet Consortium; Feb 2017.
  • Co-Authors Industrial Internet Security Framework. Industrial Internet Consortium; Sept 2016. 
  • Subcommittee Chair & Contributors: several IEEE Standards initiatives regarding mobile device and Augmented Reality cyber security. IEEE 2017.